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Stay at the top of your running game with these men's/women's Nike Free Run+ trainers! Both lightweight and flexible, these running shoes are specifically designed to help you move more naturally whilst also providing exceptional durability and support where you need it most. Crafted with a blue breathable mesh upper for ventilation and a barefoot feel plus individual flex grooves on the outsole for a natural range of motion, these Nike Free Run+ trainers are a must-have for any keen runners. Nike Free Run trainers are the ultimate in running shoes- flexible, supportive and adaptive. They are a winning trainer that feature deep flex grooves, allowing for multidirectional movement. Nike Free Runs adapt to your stride, meaning a more supportive fit and natural foot movement. Nike created the Free Run in 2004, the technology proving to be a brand new approach to performance footwear. The numbering system indicates the level of cushioning, with Nike Free Run 2's being the .lightest at present.

A revolution in sports footwear - Nike Free Run

The breakthrough came when the developers of Nike Free Run realised the importance of the depth of the grooves on the soles of shoes. This is the key feature of their design: the increased flexibility that a deeper groove provides. Granting you an extra level of freedom, these trainers allow you to move your feet as if they were bare. Our feet have naturally evolved to be good at absorbing the shock caused when they hit the ground, thereby reducing the impact on the joints. Wearing traditional running shoes lessens this effect. Moreover, when 'running free' our toes grip onto the ground; this increases stability and exercises muscles that would otherwise go unused. These may seem like small details, but little things done often quickly add up, and with Nike Free trainers you'll soon see the huge difference something so simple as increased flexibility can make to your fitness.

Check out our vast collection of Nike Free Run Trainers. Choose from styles including Nike Free Run+ 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 and 2.0. The Nike Free Run is what fashion is all about, comfort and style all rolled into one!